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Measuring System Reflow Vapourphase

Measuring System Reflow VP
Measuring case Reflow VP Measuring case Reflow VP  


  • For Oven or Process control and Profile Optimization
  • Electronics with real-time-data transmitter
  • Electronics in stainless steel box
  • Board for lead-free processes optimized
  • 8 K-Type Inconel® sheathed thermocouples class 1
  • Standard size 175x390 mm [WxL]
  • Size customized variabel
  • ISO EN 584 miniature connectors
  • High temperature antenna
  • Use in vacuum plants/chamber
  • Calculating slopes (preheat/cooling)
  • Determination liquidus solder paste
  • Determination influence thermal masses
  • Determination atmospheric temperatures
  • Identifying efficiency heat transfer
  • Temperatures PCB top and bottom
  • Simulation BGA ball temperature
  • Simulation BGA package temperature
  • Dummy load for compensation of electronics mass
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