horus® measuring electronics

Professional Temperature Profiling for reflow-, wave-, selective, vacuum- & vapor phase soldering

Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of heating up and cooling down reflow ovens during profiling—horus® Measuring Electronics is here to transform professional solder profile creation. With cutting-edge globalPoint technology, this state-of-the-art system eliminates the need for prolonged oven cycles, allowing for the immediate generation of a ready-to-use soldering profile.

Product highlights

  • Integrated simulation before and optimization suggestions after the temperature measurement quickly lead to the correct temperature profile
  • Database with soldering profiles of already successfully soldered assemblies supports the simulation/profile search
  • Libraries for solder pastes and components support the simulation – for example to comply with the limit values
  • Independent WIFI access point (also usable without installation/admin rights) ensures stability and realtime data transmission
  • Interface to the soldering system: Simulated profiles can be transferred to the soldering system and vice versa
  • Suitable for reflow, wave, selective, vacuum and vapor phase soldering
  • Responsive Design
  • WINDOWS™11 ready

Really smart!

The new horus® elevates solder profile creation, ensuring maximum efficiency in electronics production. Say goodbye to prolonged oven cycles—the globalPoint technology allows for an instant ready-to-use soldering profile through the first simulation, with horus® providing quick optimization suggestions if needed.

How can this succeed?

The integrated autoprofiler in horus® utilizes a wealth of data for profile simulation. Successful soldering profiles from a database, libraries for solder paste, and component specifications can be accessed to ensure compliance with limit values. Measurement data from the reflow oven can be retrieved, and simulated soldering profiles seamlessly transferred between horus® and the soldering system. Notably, specialized knowledge is unnecessary—untrained employees receive guided support throughout the simulation process.

Access point access – state of the art!

horus®’ integrated autoprofiler leverages various data for profile simulation, including soldering profiles from a database and libraries for solder paste and component specifications. Measurement data from the reflow oven is retrieved, allowing seamless transfer of simulated soldering profiles between horus® and the soldering system. Importantly, no specialized knowledge is required; even untrained employees receive guided support throughout the simulation.

Network access

horus® can transmit the measurement data to a central location in the network. This means that all computers in the network can access it. Of course, only if this is intended. Otherwise, this function can be deactivated. The measuring electronics can be switched on directly on the device. This means that no measurements are forgotten, as the operator does not have to start the software on the computer or press a start button on the device.

Order Numbers
1x horus® electronics + software
1x calibration horus® electronics (incl. certificate with DKD reference)
1x aluminium case with insert for electronics and shuttle
Technical highlights
Measuring range -150 to +1350 °C
2,4 GHz real-time-data – IEEE 802.11b/g/n WIFI onboard
8 channels + internal temperature
Display battery capacity 0-100%
0.1s measuring interval (10 Hz)
> 120 min measuring time
Offline measurement (no PC required)
Live temperature display
High-precision 16-bit ADC onboard
Automatic offset compensation & cold junction compensation
Operation and charging via USB-C
WIFI access point or infrastructure operation
No driver installation necessary (WIFI connection)
Ni-MH battery, no memory effect, replaceable
Protection against over-/deep discharge
DIN ISO 584 High-temp mini connector
IP67 protection for industrial use